It is estimated how much time drivers spend in traffic in different cities

Almost daily on the roads of different cities leaves a huge number of cars. As a rule, they are more than the roads can accommodate. Formed tubesthat we all hate. Inrix examined traffic conditions in different cities around the world. They are ready to open to motorists a terrible secret – how much time each of them spends on traffic jams in major cities around the world. Thanks to them we can also find out city where traffic is definitely the worst.

  • 7. In London, the second largest city in Europe, drivers spend tube 74 hours per year. It is worth noting that the average worldwide spent about 100 hours a year stuck in traffic.
  • 6. In Bogota Columbia drivers spend 30 percent of their time driving in traffic. Depressing figure.
  • 5. About 79 hours spend people in San Francisco every year due to excess number of cars on the roads. They have just stand.
  • 4. Brazilian motorists in Sao Paulo spend 22 percent of their time and about 86 hours annually in traffic congestion.
  • 3. In third place is new York. The drivers in this city annually spend 91 hours in traffic jams
  • 2. In second place is the capital of Russia. Moscow is the most congested city in Europe. 26 percent of time drivers spend not moving and standing in traffic jams. This is 91 hours a year.
  • 1. Worse than in Moscow, only in Los Angeles. The drivers of this city are spending 102 hours annually, while in traffic jams.

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