It looks like this card Apple Card in her true form

Source publication Benjamin Geskin on his Twitter account yesterday, that there is a group of employees of Apple are now receiving cards Apple Card with their own brands as part of trial version is semi-private.

I am also enclosing the photo of the units of these cards, but note that it has modified the picture using Photoshop to hide the excavated and revealed the identity of the source.

I know of

As mentioned website 9to5Mac earlier, when the client receives the card, the Apple TV, are delivered in the covers with vibrant colors include an NFC tag hidden. To activate the card, the user opens the application of the Wallet features an iPhone near the NFC tag embedded in the cover of the card. This leads to fasten the card in digital form in the application of the Wallet with the card material.

The battery of the Apple material made of titanium, and Apple TV the name of the customer knowledge, do not contain any properties defined other printed, such as expiration dates or account numbers. The interface card does not contain only the name of the owner and the tourism logo, Apple TV, as the back of the card contains the logo of Mastercard وGoldman Sachs, who work as partners and bankers for the Apple TV in the service of the card the Apple TV.

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