It seems that Apple does not intend to abandon AirPower

Project wireless charging station AirPower, which seemed to be frozen for an indefinite period, can be still alive. There are at least two receipts discovered in absolutely different places: in the program code of iOS and packing a new iPhone XS and XS Max.

The first mention of AirPower was found in the first beta version of iOS 12.1. It was discovered by the author of the publication 9To5Mac Guilherme Rambo. The image shows the line of code that probably describes the process of pairing the iPhone with a device for wireless charging.

This is exactly AirPower?

Of course, this device may be quite unlike the AirPower charging station. However, the beta suggests that Apple at least continues to conduct its own tests of the product, allowing to provide transfer of energy Qi specification.

AirPower — complete with iPhone XS

The second time AirPower has been found in the user manual that comes with the new iPhone. In the page describing wireless charging, there is a clear recommendation to use either AirPower or other charger certified by Apple.

The mention of AirPower in the accompanying documentation iPhone is almost one hundred percent guarantee that Apple hasn’t abandoned the project on the back burner. Since the packaging of new products is carried out shortly before their appearance in the retail, then the probability that the line AirPower was made when the project was still frozen, tends to zero.

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