It seems that Facebook does not understand the meaning of privacy and data security

Facebook once again failed in protecting the personal data of users, where she said recently she found a million passwords of social network instead may have been stored unencrypted, allowing employees to access them whenever they wanted it.

In addition, she said Facebook she “inadvertently” collected data contacts e-mail for about 1.5 million users over the past three years, in addition, they asked the users to provide them with passwords to email accounts, to make sure their identities when creating new accounts!

These practices and errors indicate that Facebook Inc., owner of the largest social media platforms don’t understand the meaning of the privacy and security of data despite the several problems it faced since last year after the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica.

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Facebook said it has notified users to the recent problems regarding passwords instead, and import contacts of their own, but that doesn’t mean we won’t face a new problem of Facebook related to privacy and security of users ‘ data in the coming weeks, which is considered the largest social network in the world, and moving data of more than two million people.

Sources: Cnet – Facebook

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