It seems that for the new eight-core processors Intel will use the existing motherboard

Recently, the Network got the settings for the upcoming Intel Core processors 9000. Let me remind you, this will be a CPU Refresh Coffee Lake, which of the current models will differ only slightly higher frequencies.

More precisely, as is with most new CPU, as complete new items will still be. This is the first OCTA-core model for LGA 1151. Presumably, one of them will be called Core i9-9900K, but data about them yet.

Previously it was thought that these processors need new motherboards on the new chipset Z390. Then it became known that the Z390 is obtained by renaming logic Z370 and adding a pair of external controllers. Today appeared information about that the new OCTA-core Intel CPU will work on the motherboard with the chipset Z370. And last have already started to obtain the appropriate BIOS update, which also closes some holes Spectre.

Count on the fact that fosmidomycin going to start on a smaller chip sets 300-series is unlikely, but thanks for that. And in fact, greed sometimes is not inferior to Intel’s greed Apple could really limit everything to a new chipset.

But here it is necessary to specify one nuance. The fact is that all theme resources write about support chipsets Z370 upcoming OCTA-core CPU. However, if you read the source, which, by the way, it too claims, you can find phrases that describe manufacturers motherboard BIOS update, as bringing support for the new Intel processors or new processors Intel Core of the eighth generation. And not a word about the OCTA core model. So, you keep in mind to rejoice too early though, I think support really delivered.

By the way, to announce the new items should already August 1, although the sale they will get later. Also today there infa that under the covers the new CPU will finally have the solder, not the thermal paste that Intel shoves percent in recent years.

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