It turns out that how we see the image, depends on “where we are”

The study, conducted by the Fund of fight for sight, showed that how we perceive the image depends on where we are. Professor Matteo Carandini together with scientists from University College London created a virtual environment in which there were two visually identical rooms in two different positions. These rooms were used for the study of visual and navigation systems of mice. The work was published in Nature on 11 September 2018.

Scientists expected to see visual neurons that react the same in response to two visually identical room. But the results showed that a single image can be seen differently depending on the physical situation. It turned out that visual neurons react is stronger in one room, but not in the other.

What do you see?

Vision plays an important role in navigation. Previously it was thought that the brain has two separate systems that operate independently: one for navigation and one for vision. New results instead show that the visual system has a strong influence navigation system.

This discovery provides us with a better understanding of how these systems interact, allowing the brain to process navigation information. The study of how the eyes and brain together, will allow us to better cope with vision problems in the future.

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