It turns out that Tesla has the design of an underwater vehicle

This year, Tesla plans to show a prototype electric pickup truck, as well as working to launch the production of tractors of Model type Y and Class 8. But who cares, when Tesla’s design of an underwater vehicle that is just gathering dust in a long box. Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned electric underwater car, responding to a question during the annual shareholders meeting on Tuesday in mountain view, California.

One of the shareholders asked whether Tesla create a water machine, that is, a vehicle capable of traveling on roads and then go under the water or on the water. It turned out that the company has design underwater car inspired by the Lotus Esprit featured in the film about James bond “the Spy who loved me”.

Tesla will be making a submarine car?

“I thought it was a very cool thing,” said Musk. And added that he owns a car from that movie.

Musk says that the technical ability to make a working version is, however, “I think the market for this is very small — small, but with enthusiasm.”

However, Musk is not going to drop everything and focus on creating a submarine car. He says he doesn’t want to be distracted. However, one day, maybe there will be a show version of this baby.

We also recall that Elon Musk wants to produce a cyberpunk-pickup Tesla. That Tesla intends to produce its own pickup truck, it became known in December 2017. A month later, Elon Musk announced that the car will be bigger than Ford F-150 and get some “breakthrough” feature. It was noted that details about the upcoming new product will be revealed between October 2018 and April 2019. It seems that time has come — in an interview with Recode, the entrepreneur announced that the truck may be so futuristic that some people are unlikely to buy it.

It was noted that the car’s appearance is inspired by the movie “Blade Runner” and will contain a huge amount of titanium. Back in August, Elon was recognized that the pickup was his personal favorite among the scheduled cars. As this project is of great interest to just him, the car is unlikely to acquire massive popularity. However, do not be afraid — then the company will issue common variant of a pickup truck.

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