It will not be possible anymore to call recording on Android 9 Pie


Amid reports that Android 9 Pie will bring with it the advantage of recording calls, it turns out that the opposite is what happened. Won’t be users can benefit from call recording apps if their smartphones are running Android 9 Pie. Conducted Google some changes in the latest version of Android to prevent third party apps from working.

There is controversy about call recording. There are different rules in different places, and this is the reason for the inability of Google to embed the call recording feature in the Android without violating the rules. I did remove the Application Programming Interface for recording calls in Android Marshmallow, but with that enables developers of third-party applications provide this feature through the use of some tricks.

Won’t be able to do so with the system Android 9 Pie. I’ve mentioned two of the developers of call recording apps famous that the changes made by Google on Android 9 Pie undermine the work of those applications now. Wouldn’t it be possible to record calls on devices with Android 9 Pie only if she underwent a routine first.

Some previous reports have suggested that Google is working on a special tone will be every 15 seconds during the recording of the call. Did not move it did not include the call recording feature in Android 9 Pie. However, it remains to be seen whether Google will be added to future versions of Android or not.



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