It would be a good budget smartphone

When choosing a smartphone buyers has long been not only guided by the price — even if the conversation is about the budget device, it still should have an interesting design and decent specifications. One of the smartphones that fits all these criteria is the ASUS ZenFone Max M1 Pro, and this is perhaps one of the best mobile phones in the younger market segment.

In General, this phone has a lot of interest even if only due to the fact that it is an inexpensive smartphone with a monstrous battery and almost pure Android. Its price is 13 990 rubles. Well, let’s see what good we can offer for the money.

The case is not the standard for the public sector, as it is a sealed. This is actually quite nice, as it leads to a complete absence of squeaks. In contrast, for example, other low-cost smartphones. They could observe some creaks and pohrustyvaniâ when squeezing the phone. Housing, incidentally, is made partly of metal and has a thickness of 8.45 mm. this is Especially impressive when you know how it is built-in battery.

Well, the first thing that draws attention after visual inspection of the phone is the screen. Not many budget phones can boast display with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. The display has a diagonal of 6 inches and a density of 402 dpi.

I guess I can’t say that the screen was perfect, but he’s not bad, that’s for sure. Of course, not without a certain color distortions at large viewing angles, but it is rather a feature of the technology, not this particular display. But still, thanks to this display, an impression the phone gives is very positive and further enhances their level.

Talking about the appearance and first impression, time to move on to the stuffing of the phone. The phone is manufactured using an eight-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 636, not 1.8 GHz. Also responsible for the graphics chip Adreno 509. Installed in this phone the CPU can be considered the standard for the segment, as it is being installed in other models. In the test AnTuTu ZenFone Max M1 Pro gives 51 734 points. This is a very high figure, since other models give usually not more than 40, 000 points. And, of course, functions of the operating system will run the newest clean Android 8.1.

The RAM is 3/4 GB and internal 32/64 GB. Not bad, could be more. Just thought the manufacturer and added to the phone slot for memory cards microSD up to 2TB! So there should be no problems with the free space, even if you love your phone a lot of videos and music. By the way, besides memory card in this phone, you can insert a second SIM card, but this is hardly a surprise. But what really pleased the fact that the slot for the second SIM card is not aligned with slot for memory card.

In games iron allows not to be distracted from the gameplay because of the freezes and stuttering image and freezes with these games. Although the frame rate sometimes does not seem very high, but only after a long process of the game, when the phone is already a little heat. We tried to run it on Asphalt, N. O. V. A. 3 and World Of Tanks. Almost everywhere the result was the same.

Who loves to take photos? We! Although, of course, much like when the phone has a good camera. What do we have in this phone? If to speak about the characteristics in a nutshell, the resolution main camera is 13 megapixels and 5 megapixels front and 8 megapixels. Of course, both have auto focus function and the led flash.

The quality of the photos, no major complaints, but perhaps it would be better to make the camera with slightly lower resolution, but with less noise, since at high magnification, they begin to appear. The camera will please fans of digging in the settings. Traditionally, the middle class phones are a many settings and scene modes. There are modes of “HDR”, “Panorama”, “Night” and “depth Effect”, when the background around the object to blur. Of these modes available for the front camera. We should also mention the fans to do all the photos in manual mode. They can also be done through the regular lens.

The photo on the main camera

The photo on the main camera

The photo on the main camera

Photo on front camera

ASUS has always placed emphasis on the high capacity batteries. Here, ASUS ZenFone Max M1 Pro, case thickness 8.45 mm manufacturer managed to put a battery capacity of 5000 mAh. And it’s hard to say that this is only a figure, as in preparation for the review the phone was used quite actively, but the battery still had enough for two days. If you use it as a regular camera every day, it may last for three or four days. Well, in idle mode, the socket will be forgotten clearly more than a week.

Well, as a bonus to the phone to connect even external controls. Of course, it is more important for tablets as there more like a toy, but nevertheless there are certainly those who do this at least once take advantage of.

The quality of the music ordinary, not bad and not good. Average or slightly above average for phones in this price range. Of course, it all depends on the headphones, but even the budget models here will be enough. The volume of the external speaker is not high, but on a fairly good level. Subjectively, like other models from this manufacturer. Listening to music through the external speaker for a long time will not bring a lot of fun, but for loud call he fits well.

The seller got greedy and put in a box everything you need for the first time, and not only. Package includes:

  • the phone itself
  • the power cord micro-USB
  • power adapter
  • earphone with replaceable ear cushions
  • documentation

Overall, the phone makes pretty good impression. The advantages include a metal casing, a screen resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels at a fairly good density, high performance and huge battery. Well, by cons small noise when shooting indoors and some distortion of colours when viewed at a large angle. Although, if you do not find fault, we can attribute these disadvantages to the features screen technology and low cost of the phone itself. In any case, for the money the phone turned out just fine.

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