It would look like without Greenland ice sheet?

Perhaps many of you know about what negative consequences could result from global warming. However, few of you know that among the negative aspects of such phenomena can be found and positive. For example, thanks to global warming we can see a hidden in these days that have never gone before. Among these amazing places, we will be able to see free of ice Greenland.

The process is irreversible

Every second of Greenland loses about 23 tons of ice. This result may seem rather frightening, if you consider the fact that one day in the summer period, the island loses more than 2 billion tons. However, even at this rate Greenland will be ice-free only after several hundreds of years.

The fact that a large part of the surface of the largest island in the world covered with so-called ice shield is a unique glacier, the analogue of which exists only in Antarctica. Giant glacier can boast of a respectable age of over 200 years! In addition, its thickness in some places of the island reaches as much as 3000 meters above the surface!

When this unique natural formation of melts, the global sea level will rise by more than 7 metres, which would entail the flooding of some European countries and many coastal cities across the planet.

Under the ice Greenland is hiding a huge lake

If ever filmmakers of the future want to do a sci-Fi action movie in space with the alien landscapes, it is likely that they will want to take it off in the territory of modern Greenland.

The fact that the result of years of research of the Greenland ice sheet, international team of scientists has developed a map of the subglacial topography region of the island. They represented a terrain model you can see a huge canyon whose length is more than 750 kilometers, and width — more than 10 kilometers. Currently, the bottom of the canyon under a thick layer of ice lies an ancient lake, which is formed by melt water that miraculously seeps through the ice cover as a result of active processes of global warming.

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In the future when Greenland finally throw off their chains of ice, the canyon may fill with water forming a large pond in the heart of the island. The Greenland will be able to be covered with lush vegetation, but now all the representatives of the local flora have to settle for only small areas free from permafrost land on the South-West of this Northern island.

In addition, scientists noted the fact that as you drop the ice sheet, Greenland can greatly influence on global tectonics. The enormous weight of the glacier is quite a lot of pressure on the earth’s crust, which causes the island to literally sink under its weight. However, as soon as the ice sheet melts, Greenland will be able to rise above the ocean surface.

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Incidentally, similar processes are already taking place with the Scandinavian countries, which are literally grow on the background of other, more continental European countries.

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