Italy opened an investigation against Google because of its practice of occupying in Android Auto

إيطاليا تفتتح تحقيقًا ضد قوقل بسبب ممارساتها الاحتكارية في نظام أندرويد أوتو

Authority announced the occasion of the Italian from the start of the investigation with Google on the background of the fraudulent practices carried out in the system of its smart Android Auto to your car, to carry it to the European Union and India to investigate with the police in the various cases is mainly in the celebration.

This follows the investigation after the complaint of the group Enel of not allowed Google doesn’t develop the application of Enel X Recharge on the operating system, an application has been launched to help users find out the places of shipping and supply fuel near them around the country.

Track Google private car with Android Auto allow third-party launch applications related to multimedia or messages only, what means that the application of Enel X Recharge violates its policy. But Italy look at it differently so she opens the investigation.

It is worth mentioning that the group companies, Enel believes the Italian government is the largest contributor, where it was founded, the government in 1962 and then has privatized in 1999 while maintaining its control over the group.

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