It’s not that bad: 5 benefits of a bear market

The stock market is in a difficult position, which can drag on for months. Nobody knows how long Bitcoin will fall, how long will it accumulate and what will be the recovery.

If you are reading this article, it means you managed to survive the hard months of a bear market and you are not so easy to scare by falling prices. However, the correction value of the assets has a positive side. Five of them were dismantled in the News.bitcoin.

Your idols are tested for strength

Cryptocommunist, Twitter has bipolar disorder. As soon as the situation on the market has a tendency to increase, the well-known traders and the self-proclaimed experts begin to pour bullish forecasts. But the plums Bitcoin pulls the tail of the posts about the hopelessness of life and just a bunch of useless information.

Other “analysts” discovered the delete function of messages. So they MOP up after themselves unfulfilled predictions. In other words, a bear market gives you the opportunity to figure out which of the famous personalities could talk sensibly in any situation.

Experienced traders know about the mistakes, many of them caught the previous bear market of 2014. Perhaps now is the time to sign up for Twitter to these individuals.

Bad coin die

Correction — a great tool for separating the wheat from the chaff. There is nothing more satisfactory than watching the rapid fall of the hated you Aldona. As “experts”, digital assets are tested for strength. Unfortunately, for many it can not handle.

Scam, pyramid schemes, useless projects — they disappear from the market after the disappointment of many investors. In the end, the bears are clearing the way for new promising coins. Hopefully in the future start-UPS like Bitconnect will cease to appear on the horizon.

There is time for studying…

In 2017, there was no need to make a serious effort to become a millionaire. Most altcoins ICO and brought fabulous profits to investors by the end of the year. But in a bear market no freebies — you need to think through each transaction and to carefully examine the prospects of the projects.

So you still have time to prepare for a new uptrend. Analyze the market of altcoins, learn the basics of technical and fundamental analysis, prepare your cryptoperthite to proper diversification. Believe me, this job will reward you in full in the future.

… and shopping

It is not easy to talk about the accumulation of assets when your coins have already fallen by 80 percent. However, if you are an avid perfectionist, now is the time to seek additional money to buy bitcoins. Around the cryptocurrency has accumulated too much positive news that will soon raise their prices to a new level.

Try to accumulate more and more promising coins that have good potential. However, it is not necessary to go into extremes and to invest in the crypt of all your money. Remember, invest only that which you do not wish to lose.

Time to learn a new hobby

An overdose of Bitcoin dangerous. Don’t spend all their free time glued to the computer screen or smartphone. Do not leave the industry, but don’t let it take over. Correction cryptocurrency gives you a wonderful opportunity to relax from the daily trading.

Life goes too fast. If you don’t stop to look around you miss.

Try to read, spend time with your loved ones and our subscribers in cryptodata. Find a new hobby, and thoroughly prepare yourself for following bullrun. It is possible, in 3-4 years you will be able to achieve all your goals in investing.


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