It’s Threads — a new messenger from Instagram

Few people know that a large part of the functions of Instagram, as a matter of fact, he was lapped with another popular social network. Your favorite storis, virtual masks, and even the ability to correspond in direction – all of this initially appeared not to Instagram, and Snapchat. However, something in what the developers of Instagram was the first, for example, decided to allocate part of the social network in a stand-alone application, starting with the function of sending messages.

Instagram is the main social network in 2к19

After the closure of the Direct project, in which conducted the development of the eponymous messenger, the company took the decision to undertake design of a new platform for messaging Threads. The messenger will allow users to not only chat but also interact with each other in various ways, for example, sharing statuses, location, current speed, and many others. I think I’ll survive? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

How to write messages in Instagram

Posting to Instagram can not only through Direct

Despite the fact that the Threads will not be able to watch the tape Instagram, users will be able to see the storis each other, which can immediately respond. And since stories are the most popular format for publishing to Instagram, there is a strong likelihood that enhanced opportunities for interaction with them will make Threads popular social platform.

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Making Threads, according to The Verge, at this stage of development is strongly reminiscent of the direct to Instagram equipped with a number of additional buttons. However, most likely, by the time the official release of the messenger will undergo some significant transformation. In any case, developers to attract users, to give them something really new and interesting, and not just another copy of Instagram with an identical set of functions.

Why you need a Direct

However, even in this case, the prospects of the Threads are pretty vague. First, a previous attempt by Instagram to select direct in the independent messenger has failed after almost two years of continuous testing. The participants in the testing program stated that it was inconvenient to constantly switch between two different apps, which for some reason was impossible to connect into one.

And, secondly, from Facebook, which owns Instagram, already have Facebook Messenger with quick messaging, stickers and stories. Obviously, Threads can’t compete with him, but because, even if released, is likely to be insufficiently popular to developers was beneficial to continue to support it. So is not it easier not to multiply entities and to start improving something one?

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