It’s time to secure our networks home

حان وقت تأمين شبكاتنا المنزلية

I know some people who use the cameras Internal in their homes to monitor their children and what happens all the time, although this phenomenon has not spread extensively, as is the case in the West they are coming inevitably, and perhaps the reason for not being currently employed is the social constraints and concerns of the hack, but history has shown me that we abandon our fears of technology with the passage of time (although I noticed they started to come back to me again).

Days ago I passed the article tells the story of the horror of the small faced one of the users of cameras Nest home. In one day, received the Jack Newcombe a call from my nanny, which was considered his baby. that exceeded year-old and asked him if he was flirting with her through the camera connected to the internet. Denied Jack that thing and immediately went to his computer in work said access to his camera, where he heard the voice of the girl flirting with the nanny, but when she refused governess talk with her, the girl threatened her, she would hurt the child also.

You can imagine the reaction and the fear that had hit the Jack, in which he asked his nanny to leave the house, then went to his house and grabbed all the cameras Nest when he told the police, there wasn’t any reaction to my illness, it seems that this is a frequent problem, and I don’t think that the company Nest is the only one that suffers from gaps in its connected to the internet.

Stories like this strengthen my conviction after the introduction of these devices for my home. I even began to doubt my smart phone وSiri that are waiting to hear my voice to, so I’m trying to put my smartphone out of the living room as much as possible.

But I know that my attempts to keep these devices out of my house won’t work long-term because a lot of new appliances, such as refrigerators and washing machines, have become come to the possibility of connecting to the internet, some of which contains microphones for capturing voice commands, and let’s not forget TV, which is becoming intelligent. Everything will become connected to the internet with the growing concept of the smart home we have to rethink a little bit.

When we think about the security of our homes, we think about the secure places that could allow sound to enter, so add a lock here, and make sure to close windows and doors at night. But the thieves of the future will not come through the door or the window, but they go through something I didn’t think about locking it…the internet.

Some share that the installation of the protection software helps you reduce the risks of the internet, but this answer assumes that your computer is the only device connected to the internet, but you have a system consisting of computers, phones, tablets, TV smart, and receivers connected to the internet, and I’m talking about the current situation in the future will increase the number of these devices significantly.

All of these devices can be used in the implementation of many of the attacks against you, may be design, or installation of the spy software in a one in order to collect information. The easiest thing you can do is to subvert these devices yet, it can be used these devices in the implementation of the attacks on the sites or servers on the internet, will make the kidnappers are many uses for your devices hacked.

Fortunately many companies started in you need a firewall private homes. After that it was like these devices are intended for use by companies, started the mission in providing home appliances, and I think that we need to think in such devices in the near future, although it won’t protect you in the case of hacked passwords, they will continue to plan protection is fine against technical gaps in the devices fabricated on your home network.

If I advised you to stay away from the internet or not to purchase smart devices, it is not practical in the long term, so it is best to think about how to secure your home network now, so don’t allow thieves to enter and listen to the sound of you singing in the bathroom.

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