ITunes may try to retire this year after 18 years of Service

Although the leaks and rumors of the preliminary pointed out that the iTunes will work on the operating system macOS 10.15, but it now appears that the app will be stopped. After more than 18 years of the submission via Steve Jobs on January 9, 2009, it seems that iTunes will get to this year.

Will Apple replace its development of separate agreements for music, television, and podcast in the next major version of the operating system macOS, which will be unveiled officially at the WWDC conference next week.

Separate apps will be designed similar to the design of icons, according to the photos leaked last week, where it seems that the company will make simple modifications to change the location bar search while the general design is the same with keeping some of the nurses, such, with the change of the names of the applications.

Got Apple a lot of criticism over the past years due to the application of its is not appropriate, and needs a lot of improvements and modifications, so the split icons to the apps dedicated to music, television, and podcasts, may be very welcome.

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