Jack Dorsey: Twitter is considering the introduction of a button to disable the tweets

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جاك دورسي: تويتر تفكر في إدخال زر لتعديل التغريدات

Think platform Twitter entry button provides the function to modify and edit tweets to correct errors, as was announced by Jack Dorsey Jack Dorsey, chief executive for social media, which highlighted for the first time since the end of 2016 on the company’s ideas about creating an ‘edit’ button for tweets, where he said in his interview when asked about the company’s plans to provide the water required within the event hosted by the Indian Institute of technology in New Delhi: “The Twitter training use cases for the tool editing to allow users to correct errors that may occur during the participation of tweets quickly.”

Comes the words of CEO of BIS, said in 2016 about the need to understand the real question that is being asked, and warned Jack my classes that such water may be vulnerable to abuse by people who post controversial tweets and then modify it to remove the original later and trick people who might say they re-tweet tweets with content that I don’t approve of in the case the bank has modified after that people re-tweet them.

Dorsey said: “when we hear about a modifier button, you pay attention not to what people say to you, but to use cases what are Use Cases For button adjustment, where he wants a lot of people edit because they want to repair the wrong they have committed during the deployment of the product quickly such as wrong spelling or Twitter containing the URL of the error. This is more applicable than allowing people to report any tweets with retroactive effect in time”.

And other social media platforms users to modify their participation, but Twitter didn’t allow it. ever since its inception in 2006, allowing the Facebook platform instead currently amending publications, while Twitter seems to be trending to provide a system for correcting spelling errors, they may prohibit, probably the possibility of editing is limited.

Added Dorsey that “there are a range of things that we can do to show a change in the content of Twitter and explain how it was made, we look to all these things but in the end we need to make sure we solve the real problem. We have studied the issue of the amendment for some time, but we have to do it the right way, and we can’t rush into it”.

And Twitter Remove button associated with the function of “like” in a move aimed at improving the quality of the debate on the social network, and previously known as Jack Dorsey the founder of Twitter that he was not from teachers click on the heart shape and it will get rid of it soon, and the organization has introduced the button “like” in the year 2015 which is replaced in turn “favorite” button, a button that had the shape of a star and allowed people to put a bookmark on tweets for later reading.

The gate Arab News Technical Jack Dorsey: Twitter considering the introduction of a button to disable the tweets

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