Japan aims to turn vehicles aircraft by the year 2023

Support the Japanese government launch vehicles and the private jet by 2023, and Industry Vertical Takeoff and landing (VTOL), with a particular focus on electric power systems, renewable, with interest many of the companies in the field of transport.

Developed Company (SkyDrive) which is located in Japan vehicles (eVTOL) two-seater, which is currently in the testing phase, but it is not the only company targeting vehicles and aircraft.

Explores all of AWeber, Boeing, Airbus Europe, and other corporate vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), so hoping the design of the vehicle safe and viable commercially to competitors.

Associated with a number of prototypes of the proposed idea to taxi the plane that can be performed by a pilot are content and are able to transfer relatively large numbers of people.

However, in the case of (SkyDrive), has developed a company car small enough to fit two parking spaces.

Was founded (SkyDrive) in 2018, the company focused emerging in Tokyo on the design of the vehicles, the aircraft developed and manufactured, collecting 1.8 million in January from investors so far.

The company is composed of engineers from the aircraft and the drones, the company has signed a deal with (Toyota City) in 2019 to allow them to take advantage of the cleansing base, which covers an area of 10000 square meters installations and internal testing.

The company says: it is expected in developed countries be used as the vehicle of the aircraft as a means of transport to ease traffic jams, while likely to be used in developing countries as a form of transport that requires infrastructure much less.

The prototype of the company’s emerging is a composite of the experimental two-seater with the flexibility of two, and the plane battery power, and hopes the engineers in the launch of the commercial version is able to achieve speeds of up to 60 km per hour how between 20 and 30 km.

And make a foreign trip without a pilot in December 2018, followed by flights manned in December 2019 and March 2020.

And (SkyDrive) now on the introduction of improvements on the technical design of the current, the company hopes to launch its flying car officially in the next few years.

While this may seem ambitious, but that the Japanese government is keen to support projects (eVTOL) and want to see the car safe and work by the year 2023.

Can Vehicles (eVTOL) in countries with a high population density with urban sprawling, like Japan, to reduce the burden of traffic on the roads and provide a faster transfer between areas of the city via helicopter.

It may also be possible for (eVTOL) prove their value in transport to remote areas or in situations of natural disaster rescue efforts or supply operations.

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