Japan begin to experience the fastest train in the world, Alfa-X

I started the state of Japan in the experience of the new generation segments of the bullet who knows with the Alfa-X, which is the fastest train in the world, the ability to up to a speed of 248 miles per hour.

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A new generation of train of bullet with super speed moves to the trial phase in Japan, where the manufacturing sector Alfa-X by Kawasaki Heavy collaboration with the Hitachi, also comes super fast up to 248 miles per hour, but is expected to convey to the public a maximum speed of up to 224 miles per hour, when the sector opened to the public in 2030.

It is planned that subject to the sector Alfa-X development for years before moving to serve the public effectively, where is the experience of the train between the cities of Aomori and Sendai, also comes the Alfa-X Design Dynamic Front-End designed to support the sector in the pressure-resistance at maximum speeds, where it is characterized by a total length of 72 feet to reduce the noise produced by the speed of the train when it passed in the tunnels.

As stressed by the report of the DesignBoom on that train is equipped with brakes airbags installed in the ceiling, to the side plates magnetic in the bottom side of the brakes, where it is expected to be the fastest train in the world when it was launched to work in 2030, Linda to the maglev train in Shanghai which uses a magnet to fly over the bars and up to the speed of 268 miles per hour.


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