Japan choose a new technology capable of forecasting rain, Hurricanes, half an hour before they occur


Currently being test new technology in the Japanese capital Tokyo is able to predict rain and hurricanes before they happen about half an hour. The Japanese government hopes through this new technology to provide early warnings on weather conditions in the future. And adopt this new technology to broadcast radio waves to make predictions fast and accurate.

The development of this new technology by the National Institute of information and communications technology in collaboration with government and academic bodies in Japan. This technology uses a new kind of weather radar and radio waves of digital terrestrial to reduce the amount of water vapor in the air which can become rain. The aim of the government of Japan to use this technique on the ground before the opening of the 2020 Olympics in the capital of Japan of Tokyo so that the organization can organize the event smoothly.

According to the developers, the weather radar new to expect heavy rainfall and tornadoes by 30 minutes of it happening. Credit for that is due to the antenna flat that repels radio waves over a wider unlike antennas of the roller in the form of the vessel which are used in the radars of traditional.

Using terrestrial radio waves along with this radar to reduce the amount of water vapor to further improve the accuracy of predictions. I started testing the first of this new technology in the past year. On this subject, stated one of the officials at the National Institute of information and communications technology in Japan, said : ” We hope to make the technology directly associated with the lives of the people under actual use as soon as possible “.

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