Japan is manufacturing medals of the Olympiad remnants of mobile phones

Revealed Japan by the organizing committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic “Tokyo 2020” on Wednesday about the designs of the medals winners in the Olympics, one year before the opening ceremony of the event.

Reflect medals that will hang from the necks of the athletes winners in each game is the struggle of Japan to sparkle in the years before the start of the games.

Featuring medals manufactured using old mobile phones and other small electronic devices that are donated by people from all over Japan.

Re-Japan recycling of nearly 80 tons of mobile phones and other electronic devices to make medals for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and Paralympic Games.

Made Japan gold medals; the Silver; the bronze; the fully 78985 tons of electronic devices are recycled, including 6.21 million mobile phones recycled, in accordance with the project field Tokyo 2020.

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It turned out that the gadgets contain all that is required for the manufacture of medals.

Extracting Japan from among the nearly 80 tons of tools recycled 32 kg of gold; and 3500 kg of silver; and 2200 kg of bronze (95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc).

He began a field project of the Tokyo 2020 – contained company NTT Docomo (NTT Docomo) Japanese collection mobile phones – the process of collecting waste in the period between April 2017 and March 2019.

The project brought together in these two years enough minerals related to the manufacture and approximately 5 thousand Olympic medals.

Included the recycling process of dismantling tools and opportunities, as well as smelting and refining of certain parts so they turned to metal usable.

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