Japan smiled at the wife of a hologram at the rate of 5,000 real

The Japanese company on behalf of the Gatebox creating the wife of a hologram of a small as an alternative for wives of humans, where the girl’s default name isn hikari and the girls of Japanese anime, to be displayed inside the projector cylindrical shape, length 20.3 cm, where police say they will be able to communicate with her “husband”, which calls them “the masters” via headphones and a special application.

Provide Gatebox this girl is for men who live alone, the company has started manufacturing expanded for this system, to be put up later, priced at 150,000 yen, the equivalent of 5,088 SAR.

In addition to the purchase price, the king must You pay a monthly subscription reaches 1,500 yen, equivalent to SR 50 to make sure not to run out of age that uses multiple microphones and cameras with sensor of temperature to deal with users on a personal level through the smile for the mouth to master when they return home and welcome, thanks to the sensors for tracking humidity, and lights.

This will be the wife’s default, isn, able to control lights, electrical appliances and smart inside the house thanks to the communication devices different from the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and under the Red, it will make the company in the future to add support for a personal assistant with artificial intelligence on behalf of the chlorine.

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