Japan start selling stamps UV ink to help distinguish the perverts on the trains


When it comes to personal safety, there are a lot of things that we can be purchased to help keep our safety in public places. For example, you can buy a spray like pepper spray to repel the attackers, there is also a siren and emit a loud noise and noisy to deter attackers or to attract attention to yourself.

However, in Japan, started a company Shachihata specialized in the creation of stationery pens and writing instruments in the sale of something called ” the seal of anti-spam | Anti-Nuisance Stamp “. This character uses UV ink to highlight the person who was his seal, similar to the way in which it uses some of the clubs signs of UV ink to allow managers to enter the institution.

Designed of this nature to help women fight the perverts on the trains. If you are accustomed to visit Japan, you might know that the country is facing the problem of sexual harassment where men traffic sectors for the.

The idea behind the creation of this character is that it will allow women to seal the attackers quickly without necessarily knowing it. After that, if the women reporting the incident to the police, you can help these floors to identify the culprit quickly. It seems that these stamps have had great success where the company has sold its collection in full on the first day after put up for sale.

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