Japan teams up with Uber, Boeing and Airbus to create flying cars in ten years

This country will not be called a world leader in the field of Autonomous or electric vehicles, but it plans to make the cars fly. Here’s the thing: today, Japan announced that it gathers 21 companies and organizations, including giants such as Uber, Boeing, Airbus, Cartivator and Japan Airlines to bring transport into the sky for 10 years.

The government of Japan promised that will deal with the main problem that hinders the emergence of flying cars: regulation. “The Japanese government will provide appropriate support to help implement the concept aircraft such as the creation of acceptable rules,” the Ministry said. If Japan will be able to quickly create a legal system that can function aircraft, it can bypass countries like USA where the Federal aviation Association is known to solve such questions very slowly.

Why Japan flying cars?

Flying cars are definitely not ready yet to become ubiquitous, but in recent years there has been a significant progress in this area. Kitty Hawk and start flying taxi, owned by Larry page, is testing his flying taxi large over New Zealand, and demonstrated the first versions of your Flyer at the beginning of this year. Uber is planning to release a flying taxi in five years and open hub for its fleet in Paris in 2023.

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