Japan twist the tail of the robot to humans

Researchers have developed Keio University Keio University of Japan with the machine, they said it’s aimed at helping older people maintain their balance, especially for those who can’t do and continuously.

According to the team of researchers of the Keio University, the device is gray – which will be called (See) Arque, the total length of one meter – keeps tails and leopards, and other animals that use their tails to maintain their balance while jogging and shopping.

He said one of my sites – and graduate student researchers in the (draft Media Council) Embodied Media Project in college, and he knows the tail of the robot strapped to my waist.: “needs a tail to balance like a pendulum clock”. He added: “When man tends to his body in one direction, the tail moves in the opposite direction”.

Japan twist the tail of the robot to humans

It is noted that while Japanese industrial world in the search for ways to keep its people which has become more than a quarter of the centenarians who are over the age of 65 years; able to craft and productive, has turned other states to rely on migrant workers to replenish the workforce dwindling.

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Said need: the tail robot, which uses four muscles of the industry and the identity of the CD move in eight directions, stay in the lab at the current time, where the group is looking for ways to make it more flexible.

Besides helping older people to walk continuously, the group is looking also at industrial applications for which a robot, in order to use it as a tool to help in the balance for warehouse workers who carry heavy loads.

Said Been: “I think it would be nice to integrate this tail artificial cutting-edge in daily life, so when one seeks to get more help in the balance”.

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