Japanese police arrested 12 people for the purchase of bitcoins with fake money

Earlier in the week, gangsters in Taiwan was shot in the miner, who was unable to provide sufficient profitability of their investment in mining of Bitcoin. The man received seven bullet wounds, and arrested the criminals. Now Japanese police detained the swindlers who were trying to buy bitcoins for counterfeit money.

Why you should not buy bitcoins for cash

According to investigators, the scammers invited the Executive Director of one of the local companies to sell their bitcoins in the amount of $ 1.7 million (200 million yen). He agreed and after getting cash through an agent, transferred a bitcoin to the account of criminals. A few days later the man discovered the bills were fake and called the police.

The criminal group included 12 people. All, except for the head named kentauros Yagihashi, was about 20 years old. April 10, police detained seven people, after a week another five people. All of them refused to admit guilt.

As noted by Cointelegraph, the victim agreed to the deal for cash, because they did not want to pay a fee for the transfer of cryptocurrency.

Last week, two scams were attacked by a man who was going to buy their bitcoin for cash. Both stories indicate that to buy or sell coins for cash is very risky.

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