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Developed medical researchers in Japan a new technology to help in reversing baldness by transplanting hair cells of the patient directly into the scalp stimulate new growth.

Stop the development of this technique by a team of dermatologists from the University Hospital of Tokyo Medical, led by Ryuji tsubo.

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And Test team technical 50 men, 15 women, aged between 33 and 64 years.

They found that the average hair density by 8% in areas of the scalp that have undergone transplants.

Said Tomoo newspaper Asahi Shimbun: “It was the result of our study are very encouraging .. we could demonstrate that the study can help in the development of a new treatment for hair loss”.

Stop testing throughout the year, and included also a group of people who were given the right fake to compare.

The team took small samples of skin cells of the roots of the hair follicles from the back of the person’s head.

And processing of cells and their development in larger quantities in the laboratory, and then injected at the top of the scalp.

The team checked the people who conducted the experiments, regularly every few months, and found that the new hair growth seems more active in the period between six and nine months.

After nine months, slowed down the rate of hair growth at the transplant sites once again. It seems that treatment is more effective with older people and less effective with the younger.

The researchers also found that increasing the amount of cells transplanted in the scalp does not cause any growth for more than small doses.

Source: Daily Mail

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