Jaybird Tarah — the most affordable wireless headphones the company

The Jaybird can hardly imagine. Many consider it the best wireless headset for athletes in the class.

And now fans of the company have a reason to rejoice. Jaybird has released headphones Tarah — the most affordable of the current. They are only $ 100. And for this money you get not only a signature design Jaybird in three color options, but also, for example, the protection against water. And it is from water, not from sweat, as the level — IPx7. Of course, to swim in them is not worth it, but to be caught in the rain can not be afraid.

Autonomy is average 6 hours. But if you use it for training, then come down. To list the parameters like frequency response and harmonic distortion of the will not: it’s still not an audiophile model, and can write anything you want. I think the sound is on par with other models of the manufacturer. I note that the ability of the remote to activate Siri or Google Assistant, mass of 14 g and support fast charging.

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  1. Black on black in the Charger I’m creepin’ Rub me the right way, you might get a genie B o B, black Houdini

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