Jeff Bezos invests in startup for the extension of life

Perhaps, throughout its history, humanity was willing to fight one of those causes of death which does not prevent anybody to old. And even today people have not abandoned this idea, applying for these purposes, a scientific approach. Similar developments in the world there are a great many, but not every put their money famous investors and millionaires. For example, the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos not long ago supported a very interesting startup that is engaged in the fight against aging by removing senescent cells.

According to the publication, CNBC, startup is called Unity and Biotechnology in addition to Mr. Bezos also invested co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, and a lot of other people. The exact investment amount was not disclosed, however it is known that for a very short period of time, the company was able to raise about $ 700 million of investment and this amount in the future may increase.

So what is so attractive Unity technology Biotechnology? The main target at the moment is osteomyelitis. The company’s experts are already working on a drug that will treat the arthritis of the joints, destroying the aging cells. The same approach the company uses in the fight against other diseases, but the drug from osteomyelitis in charge now, as it already passes the first phase of clinical trials. During a series of experiments it was found out that removal of senescent cells by 30%, prolonged the life of experimental mice and allowed them to avoid diseases of the joints and eyes, which are usually associated with age. However, despite the very optimistic results, the employees themselves Unity Biotechnology is very modest about his development

“Our approach may facilitate for many diseases of older age and to give several years of life, but of the immortality of the question. We’re not talking about defeating aging, but rather about health in old age.”

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