Jeff bezos is the richest person in the world, and Amazon come in the day Prime Day

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جيف بيزوس أغنى شخص في العالم، وأمازون تعاني في يوم Prime Day

Become the Jeff bezos Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of e-commerce Amazon the richest man in modern history since 1982 at least, with a fortune amounting to about $ 151 million, according to the Bloomberg index for billionaires Bloomberg Billionaires, so that beats Jeff bezos 54-year-old to Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder and second richest person in the world is estimated at $ 55 million, with the attainment of wealth gates about 95.3 million.

And this came up with ready Amazon start events tell us the annual amount of labeled Prime Day, which lasts for 36 hours, so that users can take advantage of massive sales, stock, exclusive products with special versions and the full range of pages across the Internet, with reference to the Prime Day dedicated only to members of Amazon Prime.

Jumped the company’s shares to a record when 1841.95 $ earlier, except that the height of Fortune Jeff bezos is above $ 150 million may be short-term, as the stock fell to below $ 1800 in trades after that published company Netflix Netflix disappointing results, raising investor concern in the field of technology.

Rose fortune worth Jeff bezos net worth of $ 52 million this year, which is more than the wealth of the head of Alibaba Group Holding Alibaba Group jack mA Jack Ma is the richest person in Asia, as this figure makes bezos close to the limits of the $ 151.5 million belonging to the family of Walton Walton, the richest family in the world.

Found the report of the Federal Reserve act of 2016 to a ratio of 1 percent of American families control approximately 38.6 percent of the wealth in the United States, and found Oxfam International in the last year that more than 80 percent of the profits went to 1 per cent of the world’s population the richest.

On a related note, I started the company Amazon, which reached a market capitalization now up to $ 890 million, and her career as a big promotional event Prime Day with the occurrence of a technical glitch in its web site and applied, thus threatening their sales, the problem arose within the community with the start of the event, the fell the problem significantly within a few hours, according to, who is watching the problems of access on the internet.

According to research firm Kors mennonites, Coresight Research, it is expected to equal approximately $ 3.4 million on Amazon during a promotional campaign, an increase of 40 percent from the copy happened to the Prime Day for the past year, said Amazon via her Twitter account: “some customers are faced difficulty in delivery, we are working to resolve this problem quickly”, adding that “many of them to climb successfully”.

It seems that the problems were not limited to the registration, as reported by the thousands of people they have lost contact with the digital assistant Alexa across devices, amplifiers and Echo, as well as problems in the streaming video service Prime Video, reported the site to Amazon Web Services the existence of global problems in the management unit AWS, where are the thousands of large companies on AWS to run their websites on the web.

As the availability of Amazon also problems at work, he said the Union Verdi Ver.di services, namely, trade unions German headquarters in Berlin, the workers at six locations German participated in the strike on Tuesday to protest the lack of health benefits, and called on the unions to strike for three days in the factory Amazon, the main in Spain, in pursuit of the conventions of new contractual increase in salaries.

Said Amazon’s sales in the first 10 hours has grown at a faster pace than during the same period of 2017, she has sold millions of devices that operate across their digital Alexa, and spent equal time longer by 54 percent in the first three hours of the event this year compared with the first three hours of the last year.

She said What code my Sucharita Kodali, Analyst at Forrester: “shocked honestly that they are not ready for the traffic, which is strange”, and it wasn’t clear how the prevalence of technical problems, where inform the users about various problems, which saw some of the people notice that the site is not working, while others said that they can add items to their shopping carts, but haven’t reflected price discount when you pay the fees, while clicking on many of the Promotions for the mission to get them back to the main page.

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