Jeff Bezos reveals the vehicle landing on the moon

Announced Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the world, about his comprehensive vision for the future of humanity in space, and identified plans to buy its aerospace, Blue Origin, and how it will pave the way to space for future generations, with a statement about the spacecraft for the transfer of equipment and humans to the moon by the year 2024.

Bezos said during a presentation to the media and the makers of space: “this vehicle will go to the moon”, and added that the moon is a good place to start manufacturing in space; due to gravity is less than Earth, and that the use of the resources of the moon requires less energy increased by 24 times compared to the Earth.

His words seemed similar to a talk delivered by the founder of the company SpaceX SpaceX, Elon Musk Elon Musk, in an international conference space in 2016, where the detection mask for the first time about the design of the rocket is very large, in addition to his plans for millions of humans to work on Mars, making the planet vibrant.

It is believed Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, the first step must involve a sharp reduction in the cost of access to space, and this is the reason that all of SpaceX, and Blue Origin, and have large missile reusable.

And the issue of re-use rockets, one of the major developments in the space industry, where the company is looking to reduce the cost of sending humans, satellites, and experiments to space.

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But vision differ significantly between the two, as he wants Elon to convert the planet Mars to green, and make it vibrant for humanity, and provide a backup plan in case of disaster on Earth, while he wants Jeff to keep on the planet at any price, and the ambitious final in help humanity expand across the solar system.

Revealed Jeff Bezos about the new details about the vehicle large to land on the moon, named the “Blue Moon” Blue Moon, which can transfer up to 3.6 tons of cargo to the lunar surface.

It seems the weight of the vehicle – which spent company Blue Origin three years in development – 16.5 tons when loaded with fuel, and drove them from the ground, while weighing up to 3.5 three and a half tons when you’re on the verge of landing on the moon.

He also announced that the rocket engine BE-7 the company, said Jeff Bezos: the engine will be tested for the first time this summer, West Texas, adding that it is made largely of parts printed, and it will exist within the vehicle of the Blue Moon during the landing on the moon.

Established the Jeff Bezos company Blue Origin for nearly two decades, and tried to speed about the Rockets, and the capsules, which its development, besides its work on systems satellite multiple at the same time, with the exception Bezos more than a million dollars in the company each year.

And Mike, while Mike Pence, vice president of the U.S., you may face the US space agency NASA NASA re American astronauts to the moon, during the next five years, praised Bezos the target set by the vice president of the US, which is landing humans on the moon by the year 2024.

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