Jelly Jump. The rescue of drowning — our problem

“Help drowning — the handiwork of drowning” — a funny slogan from the novel “the Twelve chairs”. Today, this catch phrase used in the unwillingness to help, especially in sensitive cases. Alas, the formula works not always. In Jelly Jump , players will have to forget about everything and care only about other people’s worries. Doesn’t sound very attractive, but in reality the game is easy to entice for a long time.

To understand what is happening it is necessary to specify the Creator of the app. It is a famous French Ketchapp, which is known for simple games. Their feature is the lack of plot and the ability to control with one hand. Despite this, the products named publisher wants to run again and again.

Jelly Jump is no exception. The first launch is accompanied by a video. Drops are going to some mechanism that after a couple of seconds provides jelescu. This is the main character.

A small piece of jelly looks effortless, but he has enough problems. Home — the risk of drowning immediately after pressing the start button of the game. It turns out that the water level in the location is constantly rising, and therefore gleske for the sake of survival you have to actively jump.

To interfere with the character will be a big plate, seeks at all costs to interrupt the hero’s journey. They close and go up, and do it at different speeds. Our task — time to jump and be at a new height. If you click on the screen too early or too late, will remain to sink under obstacles.

The journey is not meaningless — in the course of movement of collected droplets, which later will be born a new jelly. For example, to begin with you will need 200 drops.

Cards in the game ten different colors. They change regularly, but if you want to run in a particular location, press the rightmost button in the menu.

Jelly Jump is a great taymkiller, which really fits the phrase. Time flies, and spare moments are spent as effectively never.

App: Jelly Jump
Developer: Ketchapp
Category: Arcade
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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