Jihan Wu: we’re not privy to the hidden mining

Bitmain does not use new equipment for mining before the start of its sales, according to CCN. General Director of Cihan Wu denies any connection manufacturer Usikov with a hidden mining. Earlier in the Internet appeared rumors that Bitmain mined coins on new atikah a few months before their official release.

Asik Bitmain are not used to sales

Jihan Wu commented on the suspicions of many Chinese firms that allegedly caught Bitmain in prior use of their own products. According to him, within the company, nothing ever happened.

Such incidents we’ve never had. Yes, we run a small test batch of Asimov for quality control. However, this has nothing to do with the charges in our address.

Wu also assured that Bitmain have neither the time nor the resources to engage in covert mining. Even if such operations were, they would not have been able to hide from a wide range of employees of the company. In such circumstances, the likelihood of direct information leakage is too high.

Earlier, some miners drew attention to the suspicious manipulation of hasraton Monero. Twitter users would suspect the involvement of Asimov on Cryptonight, which have not yet appeared in the sale.

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