John McAfee filed another Craig Wright and vows to bankrupt

The Saga of a controversial Bitcoin SV has acquired another character. A supporter of cryptocurrencies and the candidate in US presidents John McAfee against Calvin Ayre, one of the business partners Craig Wright. As stated in his Twitter Creator of the popular antivirus, it will sue the representative of BSV in several countries and plans to sue him for $ 800 million. Apparently McAfee did not release the March the situation with the proceedings of the air and news media Coin Rivet.

McAfee accused the air “unfounded attacks”. However, he assured that despite the complexity of the initiation of the judicial process in Cuba, the air has assets in other countries. Here them he will lose.

Calvin Eyre sued Rivet on Coin. And I to sue him for 800 million. He said that I killed someone. But it is an absolute slander. Cuba operates a civil right, it is slightly heavier trial. However, I was able to detect it assets in other countries. And I bankroto.

We will remind, on March 16 CoinRivet published an article titled “John McAfee warns Calvin of the air: you turned down a dark path”. It was said that the air was arrested by Interpol for corruption of minors. It happened once in the network appeared the pictures of him with “young” girls. However, later edition admitted that it was “about” information, and all references have been removed. Rivet Coin had to pay the Air compensation.

Apparently, this situation angered McAfee, because in their previous sparring air also wrongly accused him of wrongdoing.

I will do it. I have lawyers in 17 countries around the world. And our trial will be long.

We will remind, this week on justice talking and Craig Wright. He wants to find the user under the name Hodlonaut and sue him. To do this, even set a reward of 5 thousand dollars.

In our cryptodata you can find other helpful information. Will describe the results of litigation with the proponents of Bitcoin SV there.

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