John McAfee questioned the need for regulating cryptocurrencies

In January John Macaffe promised to eat his penis, if the rate of Bitcoin will grow to a million dollars by 2020. Now, the founder of McAfee antivirus questioned the need to regulate cryptocurrency. The industry needs to grow organically, he said in an interview AMBcrypto.

Whether to regulate cryptocurrencies. The Opinion Of John McAfee

According to McAfee, in political views he is a libertarian and believes that the development has no boundaries. The same is true of cryptocurrencies.

The company is not to blame for the fact that someone is investing in the ICO caught cheating. Life was never simple, and the user’s safety in his hands — he should be able to protect themselves and not depend on government.

McAfee added that the risk of becoming a victim of fraud is nothing compared to the transfer of control of digital money in the hands of the government.

Where better to take these risks than to trust the control over the coins to third-party agencies that still will not be able to protect you.

Before investment in ICO, the entrepreneur is advised to speak with participants of the market and only then make the investment decision.

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