John McAfee: to disclose the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is easier than you think

John McAfee knows the real Satoshi Nakamoto. And Yes, this is Craig Wright. We will remind, earlier the Creator of BSV has applied for copyright of Bitcoin, however, this does not prove the fact of his participation in the development of the main cryptocurrency.

McAfee recently appeared as a guest in the podcast Crypto Cousins. There’s a millionaire told about his attitude to the present, Satoshi and explained why he decided not to reveal his identity to the public.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto

The infamous American millionaire does not want to “cross the road to one of the richest men in the world.” According to him, “the disclosure of the secret” Satoshi Nakamoto will create a lot of problems for most McAfee. However, to cope with the task deanonimizatsii the Creator of Bitcoin is not so difficult.

I can no longer withstand the persecution. But if you take withpaper and try it normally to perform, comparing with other messages Satoshi, the case can be closed.

Moreover, to find Nakamoto’s so simple that “any fool should cope with this task”. But the disclosure of his identity “will be a big disappointment” for all of us.

Try to solve the puzzle on their own? McAfee gave the audience a few tips. He said that Satoshi is hiding in one of the countries where there is no income tax. For example, in the Bahamas. Finally, John again mentioned his famous prediction — Bitcoin will really rise up to a million dollars in 2020.

Cryptomnesia completed podcast pretentious phrase.

This “new world” that needs a “new paradigm” that didn’t even exist ten years ago. So Wake up.

Who is hiding behind the mask of Satoshi Nakamoto? Share your theory in our cryptodata miners. To see the Bitcoin at the rate of one million dollars along with other cryptocurrencies will succeed in the rating of coins.


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