Jolly Chic is launching the “Super-electron” day guarantee the lowest prices electronics

Getting ready Julie check Saudi Arabia to launch a campaign to “Super-electron” that may be considered new content, the company is planning to sell thousands of electronic devices with great discounts that will ensure you offer the best prices the market electronic.

During this day you call the company the name of the “Super-electron” they offer you a price guarantee, which means that it is ready to you the price difference need found the price lower than the markets electronic and this display has no style entirely new.

These devices that are sold most are guaranteed for two years, perhaps the most important part is that jolly Chic will provide you with free shipping for most devices.

Recall that Julie Chic was founded in December 2012, and today has branches in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey and China in addition to the United States the company has achieved an annual growth in the amount of 300% over the past five years to 35 million people in the Middle East and the number of employees to 3,500 employees all over the world, including 1500 employees in the Middle East.

The company today different types of products like clothes, electronics, household products, shoes, bags, baby products and other products.

You can download the application Jolly chic from here

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