Jony Ive leave Apple.. for this reason

After more than 20 years leaves a large staff of design in the Apple office, but what is the reason why Jony Ive to leave Apple TV? It is back known the killer?

Refer the report to that Jony Ive will be company independent design problem of its own, and Apple customer to buy the new design to be called the “Ive”, but it will not be an employee of Apple.

I know of

In a press statement earlier, the company said Apple TV that Ive is leaving the company, and the design team of Apple under the leadership of Evans Hankey, vice president of industrial design, وAlan Dye, vice president of user interface design. They will report to Jeff Williams, director of operations at Apple.

Says Apple: “I led the Williams project the development of the Apple Watch since its inception will be a long time to work with the design team in their studio”.

Will also leave the Marc Newson, who joined the design team of Apple in 2014, to catch up with Ive new.

In the same interview, said Tim Cook, if Apple will continue with the same design team, while the company will also cooperate with the Ive.

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