Jony Ive leave Apple, to create a company of his own creative

Jony Ive

Jony Ive is the person who stood behind the possible design of many Apple products, including iPhone and iPad and iPod and Mac decided to leave the company after spending more than two decades in. Revealed Sir Jony Ive that the next adventure in his life would be the establishment of an agency of his own creative, which was the name of LoveFrom. Will launch a design agency that in the year 2020, will be Apple’s first client.

Jonathan Paul Ive, who everyone knows the name Jony Ive will have no immediate successor. Will people such as Alan Dye, director of team user interface, and Evans Hankey, team leader industrial design, inform the director of operations at Apple. Speaking of his departure, stated Mr. Jony Ive simply by saying :

” This looks just like a normal time, and nice to make this change “.

On the other hand, said the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook, that his collection of house designers are the most powerful at all, and that the company will continue to work with Jony Ive, albeit on different terms.

However, this is a big change in the position of an account like this will be a shock to investors and customers. It should be noted that Jony Ive is a delicate situation. the second to leave Apple after the president of the retailer, Ms. Angela Ahrendts left the company last April through the one of the most period of the trade war between the United States and China.

In the interview, she said Jony Ive also that he will continue to work on the technology disposable wear technology and health care, two of the priorities of the Apple strategy, if continued sales of the iPhone slowing down. If he moved to an independent company will allow it to work with Apple as a contractor, but will remain the company LoveFrom founded by free in taking projects from other companies.


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