Jony Ive leaves his job at Apple – the first man behind the design of the company’s products!

The newspaper reported Bloomberg us that Jony Ive is head of design at Apple, has left the company recently to start in establishing his own company, which will also work in the field of industrial design.

جوني إيف يترك عمله في آبل - الرجل الأول وراء تصميم منتجات الشركة!Jony Ive leaves his job at Apple – the first man behind the design of the company’s products!

Who is Johnny’s Eve?

Jony Ive was responsible for the design of many Apple products famous are iconic such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod devices Mac hours Apple TV in addition to parts of the interface iOS.

Jony Ive joined Apple in 1992 and even reached the post of head of the design department and design its possible many of the awards and information as to some of the exhibited in the Design Museum Design Museum in London. Also was nominated for vice president several times before leaving the company.

According to Bloomberg, it has declined the responsibilities of Jony Ive after the launch of the Apple Watch for the first time in 2015 where he does not attend at the company’s headquarters only two days in the week as he convened a lot of meetings in the region or hotels outside the headquarters of the company.

جوني إيف يترك عمله في آبلJony Ive leaves his work at Apple

Some close to Jony Ive’s remarks Bloomberg reported that natural step, because he was working for Apple for over 25 years arduous it is time to put this on his shoulders.

Jony Ive will create his own company called LoveFrom by next year I will be specializing in digital health and wearable devices which will not work with many large companies and sponsors of the Apple as a client first.

You will be affected by Apple with the departure of Johnny’s Eve?

According to press reports, the Jony Ive wasn’t a mission per day in the Apple TV, but it explains the overall supervision of the design teams so it wouldn’t affect his departure too much on Apple, which has in recent years hired many small and increase the size of design teams. There are also several people in the company may be entrusted to them as head of the Department of design from other sectors in the company.

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