Jony Ive leaving Apple

Sir Jony Ive, also launched a newspaper, the BBC, the British who helped over more than two decades of time to transform Apple into the most valuable company in the world, decided to leave her right now. So why leave Eve Apple after nearly 30 years of work to do it? And where? And will this affect the Apple TV?

Know more about Jony Ive of genius, they made Apple

Be sure to leave Eve, which was announced in an exclusive interview with the Financial Times, will launch a shock wave in the world of technology and design. And the reason for leaving I’ve said, he plans to launch a new company called LoveFrom, said that Apple will be the first client of his. He also said “this seems normal, it’s time to make this change”. He also said: “after nearly 30 years has provided a countless number of projects, I’m very proud of the work do which I’ve done as well as proud of the establishment of an evaluation team with the skills and culture of high.

Tim Cook said in a press release “the Johnny character unique in the world of design and can not overestimate his role in the revival of Apple, and will continue to Apple TV take advantage of his talents both through working directly with him on projects exclusive, or through the design team’s wonderful that built it.”

He praised Tim Cook also Johnny Ive in an interview with the Financial Times, where he highlighted his role in saving the company from the doldrums in the early nineties, said: “it was the work on the IP-MAC original is the real turning point where people began to pay attention to the Apple TV again.”

The impact of adventure Ive on Apple TV

Left head of retail Angela and in April, investors had the time worried about the low sales of devices iPhone. What about Johnny Ive. Already dropped Apple shares fell by almost 1% in trading hours first after the news of his departure.

Come and leave Eve in a difficult moment for Apple, which became the first company to enter the club of one trillion dollars in the in November 2018, but she stumbled a bit amidst increased competition, slowing demand for smartphones, and the business offices of the mounting between the United States and China. I was shocked the company and investors in January when it was forced to reduce the sales forecast, which is the first warning of its kind issued by the company since 2002.

In recent months, has moved Apple to diversify its revenue away from hardware sales and service subscriptions, including the attempt to acquire Netflix where entertainment content.

The influence of Jony Ive in the Apple cause his work there. Worked at Apple on a PowerBook 140 of the original, which was released in 1991, while he was still working for a British design firm Tangerine.

It was the first big success after joining the Apple is a iMac of 1998 by its cover transparent labeled “Bondi blue”. After that, provided the design of the iPod Mini of 2004 and the-iPhone 2007 and MacBook Air 2008 and the iPad in 2010 and Apple Watch 2015 headphones AirPods 2016

And effect Ive to beyond hardware design. Starting in 2012, he took over the design of the Apple software, which led to a comprehensive reform of the operating system iOS. Where was the abandonment of the icons to the old iOS 6 and earlier, choose a the icons simple and abstract.

Involved I’ve also in the design of the new headquarters of Apple “Apple Park” in partnership with the engineers of the British firm Foster + Partners at a cost of $ 5 billion and open in 2017.

Was tell Eve his share of the wrong people, it know iPhone, to consider the stages of the multi, as well as some errors in the design of the Apple Park, the design of the credit card the Apple TV, which triggered the design of some of the ridicule.

Who’s gonna tell Johnny’s Eve?

Why is advertising for a successor Ive as head of design. Said Apple TV last Thursday that the roles will be divided, Will Evans Hankey, vice-president of Apple industrial design, as well as Alan Dai, deputy head of Department of user interface design, report to Jeff Williams, who “will longer work with the design team in their studio”.

I’ve said to the press: “of course I have ambition and I feel a moral obligation to be useful and I feel that I was lucky enough to work with great people throughout the last thirty years, has worked in some of the projects is extremely important to solve some problems extremely difficult.

I don’t know a lot about the company I’ve new LoveFrom, but it will be based in California. There are reports that he will focus on the technical that can be worn.

I’ve said “the mark news guys, a friend and collaborator at Apple, will also join the new company. He said that there will also be “a set of creations other” which includes several different disciplines beyond design.

Once said the Apple founder, the late Steve Jobs, from Jony Ive: “if I have my soul mate at Apple, it’s Johnny”.

This man who started his career designing toilets and brush teeth, ended up the Prevention of our products are the most stylish and profitability in history. Goodbye Johnny Ive.

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