Jony Ive might leave Apple in 2015

One of the main news of the week – care jony Ive from Apple. The famous designer worked at Apple for more than 25 years, and his resignation was a complete surprise to many. But really, Ive could leave the company in 2015 immediately after the completion of the Apple Watch. It is reported Bloomberg.

The Departure Of Jony Ive

According to sources close to the team of designers Apple care Quince was only a matter of time.

After the death of Steve jobs, Ive has become the most important person in the company. It was he who decided which products will be how they will look and work.

Ive worked tirelessly until 2015. After completing work on the original Apple Watch, the legendary designer has temporarily moved cases. It was then, says Bloomberg, Ive pondered over, to leave Apple. However, it still remained to work in the company. It is possible that this contributed to a keen interest in project Apple Park.

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Loss of interest

After the completion of large-scale architectural project, care Quince every day became more and more obvious:

  • The legendary designer began to appear in the main campus only twice a week;
  • Often Ive gathered a team of designers in a rather non-standard areas, briefing areas — at home, in hotels.
  • Ive ceased to take an active and direct part in product development. This task was assigned to Apple COO Jeff Williams.
  • Many employees said that working at Apple was hard for Quince. He gave her most of his life for almost 27 years.
  • From time to time Ive even missed the presentation that were associated with the launch of key Apple products that seemed unthinkable just a few years ago.

The natural result — jony Ive will leave the company this year. The designer claims that it will continue to cooperate with Apple in-house Studio LoveFrom.

The all-star team of designers, carefully selected Joni IWOM, will work in Apple. Why worry about the appearance of future products, certainly not worth it.

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