Jony Ive — the dependence on the iPhone, and the Apple products

Sir Jonathan Ive, the chief of the design Department of Apple, rarely in public and even more rarely gives interviews. Being so busy with his own projects, which he definitely has no shortage of, often he allows himself to miss even an official event of the company, in the best case appearing in a promotional video talking about the new product. But this time the designer made no exception and attended the anniversary event Wired25, which gave a detailed interview to editor-in-chief of Vogue Anna Wintour.

The interview began with the question Wintour on the dependence of the iPhone, which is increasingly evident among the users. According to Quince, in Cupertino realize that their smartphones are extremely firmly entrenched in the lives of millions of users around the world, and the reason is — their innovation. “Feature of any innovation is its unpredictability — says Ive. — In my experience I can say that the consequences [of innovation] can be very different. Some absolutely fabulous, but not others.”

How to overcome the dependence on iPhone

However, said Ive, Apple doesn’t consider that her responsibility for your product ends at the point of sale. That is why it was decided to build in iOS the function of “Screen time”, which helps to control the experience of users with their smartphones. Innovation allows you to monitor not only how long have you been working with iPhone, but how you did it. Thought, said Ive, “Screen time” will help people to be closer to each other in real life, forget about smartphones.

Another theme that was raised in interviews was the theme of secrecy. Wintour said that, despite the fact that Apple is simultaneously working on multiple products and technologies, they rarely come to the attention of the public until the official presentation.

It would be strange here so go and upload all of its plans, says Ive. “I’m doing my thing for quite a long time and therefore understand that I have no right to be wrong, if I uncovered something working, because the result may not always meet the expectations [of consumers],” explained the designer.

When will the AirPower

The last sentence Quince is an indirect reference to AirPower, the only Apple product over the last ten years that didn’t come out in the promised time. Most likely, in Cupertino is experiencing some difficulties with the implementation of the underlying charging station technology, but not abandon its development. This means that the product almost certainly will be released when engineers will not experience doubt about its functionality.

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