Journalists showed elite cryptodata in Moscow

In a recent interview with investor Tim Draper called the Bitcoin currency of the future. According to the businessman, the crypt safer dollars in the Bank as “not subject to the whims of the government.” Confident in coins Muscovites unable to adduce their children — this will help the special kindergarten.

The bitcoin in simple terms for the youngest

About preschool educational institution told journalists Cointelegraph. The name Cryptogams No. 1. About the preferences of the kids here say even the pictures on the walls. Instead of suns and wild animals see the portraits Buterin and Ethereum.

The teachers even performed special exercises. The goal is to improve the financial literacy of kids. For this purpose, clear examples.

The price of carrots on the stock exchange depends on several factors. Among them is the available volume of carrots and the mood of the rabbit.

Children perceive what is happening as a game, but for parents it is a serious investment in the future. The management of the kindergarten does not doubt in his prospects.

Kids even familiar with the exchanges, but without money. Especially funny look pillow with the logo of Bitcoin.

Justify whether the attachment itself is unknown. Parents can hadlich and hope for children in the future.

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