Just iPad, March 2012

March 7, 2012 at the Yerba Buena center for contemporary arts in San Francisco, Apple introduced the world to the “new Apple” and the new iPad. New Apple yet different from Apple when Steve subtle touch – but the continents had already separated, and inevitably away from each other… Marketers have appropriated the epithet the new iPad “Resolutionary”. Witty and concise, says it all in one word. By changing just one letter, “revolution” turned into “resolution”, i.e. resolution of the screen. Retina display was the main feature of the new iPad.

Outside of an Apple called the new iPad, mainly iPad 3. There were other variants of its name: iPad HD and iPad 2S. Network was published photograph of the document that mentions the iPad HD (Latin, against the background of the characters) – but the translation is caught in the frame of the fragment of the Chinese text was referring to LCD-display with a diagonal of 9.7 inches and a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels.

7 Mar 2012 it turned out that no one guessed, the new model is officially called “iPad”. As the first iPad. Elegant and uncomfortable…

It was the return of Apple. As if the company long and was seriously ill, but found the strength and came back. Almost the same as before…

Judge for yourself. Video length 01:25:22.

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Deceived expectations

At the end of August 2011 theme “iPad 3” has suddenly become very popular on the forums. The beginning months of bitter disputes have put the exciting publication about the Apple A6, a new 4-core chip developed by Apple, is already produced on 28 nm technology, a Taiwanese company TSMC, still in small numbers. Battery iPad 3 will be enough for twice the time, and performance “you can imagine”.

Apple, according to “the seer”, tired of Samsung and from conflict with her. So I decided to go to another partner.

A month before the launch of the new iPad, through the thick veil of secrecy around new products leak drip shoals. Keep the secrets of producing a top secret product overseas is almost impossible, none of the countries harboring harmful production never would have allowed the activities of the “Apple intelligence” on its territory. Unrecoverable costs.

But if not for the Retina display, which had to see to understand what it is actually, and not declared support for cellular networks fourth generation (4G), iPad just disappointed the audience.

Retina display was fantastically good, there’s nothing else like it. And since all companies are capable of producing such displays have already been loaded with orders from Apple. Not that manufacturers would refuse to take other people’s orders – but the price would still be the same.

To alphanumeric entities (4G) we’ll be back, later. Not all customers were happy with their support to “just the iPad”.

29 Feb 2012 favorites (journalists, experts and other important people) received invitations to the Apple event (dedicated to the unknown why), which was held March 7 at 10 a.m. Pacific time, in the largest hall in San Francisco and in its vicinity, in the Center of modern art Yerba Buena.

At times it seemed to me that I look old play in which some of the roles played by the other actors, trying to recreate the former atmosphere. They do it, more or less. But something was not like before.

And indeed, now somewhere behind the scenes was not the most demanding audience whose opinion is not to listen. Every word and gesture, not to mention the meanings brought to the public, in the old days would be balanced and evaluated.

Tim cook, who became more relaxed. A new Phil Schiller. All the rest were the same as before. The overall impression of the new Apple – very good. Managed.

But as it turned out, the most fastidious spectator was not Steve. Something I had to say something else, and to include an indication of technology is available only to customers of several operators and only in the U.S. and Canada in the name of the modifications were obvious and serious mistake.

The range and passion 4G

The model range consisted of three models, each of which was represented by three variants with 16, 32 and 64 Gigabytes. For the lack of options with 128 GB Apple sluggish criticized – and no criticism was predictable.

Model ID iPad3,1, iPad Wi-Fi it also has not caused any problems. It was also the cheapest of all. For the same 499, 599 or $ 699, the client received the iPad with the industry’s best display. Codenamed “J1”.

Model ID iPad3,2, or iPad Wi-Fi + Verizon 4G, was designed for cellular networks Verizon and outside the US is not officially sold. In the networks of other operators of 4G support wasn’t, but special problems with this model arose. Her code name is “J2”

Model ID iPad3,3, or iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, support 4G cellular network of one mobile operator in the US (AT&T) and three in Canada (Bell, Rogers and Telus). In all other cellular networks – 3G only. This model was considered “international” and officially sold worldwide. Code name “J2A”.

4G support wasn’t, for example, in Australia, where Apple was sued for the introduction of buyers in error. To Australia joined other countries, where buyers felt cheated.

Apple took the decision on compensation was “misled” in Australia, and on 12 may 2012 has officially replaced the names iPad3,2 and iPad3,3 “4G” to “Cellular”.

But from liability to those who bought “just the iPad” – enabled cellular to rename it Apple not released. What it all cost Apple is unknown, but definitely not cheap.

Apple A5X

Breakthrough crazy ideas – the ideas for the achievement of which has to do the impossible. To overcome obstacles. iPad with Retina display was one of the ideas of Steve jobs. Challenges to the realization of this idea had a lot of problems.

The graphics performance of the Apple A5 to work with 3 million pixels would be enough. Needed a new CNC (computer on chip) with powerful GPU with large RAM.

This chip, called the Apple A5X, were developed. The CNC was the same 2-core CPU as the Apple A5 and a 4-core PowerVR SGX543MP4 graphics. And RAM (1 GB LPDDR2) to include in the chip did not. Its soldered into the motherboard on the opposite side of the chip.

In the end, this entire complex has earned reliably and with reasonable speed. But energy consumption increased by about two times. The battery of the iPad 2 was drained for five hours of not very hard work, even without the use of cellular communication.

Engineers from the group of power sources fail, the battery energy capacity increased by almost two times. For this purpose all available means. Case thickness increased to 9.4 mm (from 8.8), an iPad is heavier by 51 grams. Ingenuity and chemistry has allowed to increase specific capacity of the battery.

As a result, the battery of the iPad with Retina display can withstand 10 hours without the use of cellular and 9. The battery of the iPad 2.

Apple A5 and Apple A5X was made on technology of 45 nm. But the accusations against Samsung (in the beginning) was unfounded. Nine days after the start of sales of the new iPad models, they added the representative of the previous generation, who became $ 100 cheaper, with 16 Gigabytes of memory and “WiFi only”.

Only it was not the same iPad 2: iPad model identifier iPad2,4 used Apple A5 manufactured by the technology of 32 nm. Apple did not publicly report it.

To be continued

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