Just the iPad 3, aka iPad 5, aka iPad 2017

“Apple does not compete by reducing prices,” said Steve. But even if it would, but the price was complemented by some feature of the class “wow” – the principle is still respected. A new era in 2017, was not to principles. Come times of disappointment and loss. And 21 March, Apple announced the iPad, the main advantage of which was its price.

Sales of tablets declined not only from Apple. But Apple they fell, in 2016, they had sold 19% less than in 2015. In US schools, where Apple has always been strong, even in 1996-1997, in 2016 was in the lead Chromebook’I. not Yet tablets, but they were already in the offing. I had to do something.

In the past era Apple, at the right time, in the sleeve was something fantastic that radically changes the rules and the balance of the industry. Competitors had to change plans to rebuild and catch up. But now, somehow, a miracle not been invented.

But in the company reigned harmony and understanding. Apple was no longer “the nicest prison in California”, engineers still slept on the job, there were many ideas, but none of them, alas, was neither a brilliant nor a hooligan. Everything was decent to disgust. Good intentions…

And here is another “just the iPad”, which is officially called the iPad of the fifth generation, and it was the first iPad ever declared by the press release. 21 Mar released a press release on March 24, on Friday started selling it. And, judging by the lack of triumphant reports, they were not outstanding.

New “just the iPad” was just another, very good, tablet. Without magic.

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Decade iPhone

9 January 2017 was ten years from the date of the presentation of the first iPhone, it was marked by a press release, and all who participated in its creation and was still working in the company received valuable gifts. They had very little.

In 2007, the revolution continued. Ahead was a MacBook Air, iPad, part in creating the Thunderbolt, turning into the richest IT company in the world, the development of its own processors, and UltraBook’the best in the world.

8 January 2017 Tim cook said that “everything is just beginning, the best iPhone is still ahead”.

“Just the iPad” number four

The first iPad was “just the iPad”, because the other did not. Second, “just an iPad” appeared on the shelves in March 2012. It was the third model of the iPad and the first iPad with Retina display. Almost all of his innovations to those who is interested, found out in advance. Guessed almost all – only the name was wrong. Suggested that it be called the iPad 3, iPad 2S or iPad HD. In descending order of popularity.

What it had a sacred meaning – is unknown. In the press it became known as the iPad 3.

The third “just an iPad” was presented in November 2012. It was called the iPad 4.

In the comments to the article about the iPad 3 or iPad 4, I was reproached that “just the iPad” was not “just the iPad”, it was the iPad WiFi Only or iPad WiFi/Cellular. WiFi Only and WiFi/Cellular is a universal symbol variants of the device.

Then there was the iPad Air and iPad Air 2, and others. Others (iPad Pro) Apple was positioned as something completely different, like an iPad for professionals – so be it.

Announced press release iPad March 2017 first identified as “just the iPad”. Somehow Apple did not want to acknowledge its proximity to the iPad Air. Journalists tried to make Apple a compliment: “what, iPad and iPad Pro, very logical.” What iPad 2017, and officially, called the “fifth generation iPad”. “iPad 5 Gen”.

Actually, the fifth was the first Air, and iPad 2017 was the seventh. Also known as iPad Air 3. Use these three designations. Marking it as “just the iPad” does not matter, for obvious reasons. Why it took this mess with names I speculated.

the fifth-generation iPad

The thing that caught my eye (I’m not rushed, but I wrote about this most of all) is the lack of anti-glare and oleophobic coating of the screen. But the LCD and the glass screen was not indivisible Assembly and replace the cracked screen cost much cheaper.

Because of this iPad “fifth generation” was thicker than the iPad Air 2. 7.5 mm to 6.1 mm. is Almost a millimeter! But the eye is also not rushed.

iPad “fifth generation” was lost, and colleagues with the combination of letters “Pro” in the title: it does not support any Apple Pencilor keyboard (he was Smart Connection). The camera was the same as that of the iPad Air 2: back with a resolution of 8 MP and front 1.2 MP.

The heart of the new iPad was a system-on-chip Apple A9, with the Twister processor with a clock frequency of 1.85 GHz, and GPU PowerVR GT7600.

2 gigabytes of RAM (LPDDR4).

Two models (iPad6,11 – only with WiFi and iPad6,12 – Wi-Fi/Cellular), and two configurations of flash memory, 32 and 128 GB.

Options for “WiFi only” cost 329 and $ 429. Options for WiFi/Cellular – 329+130 and 429+ $ 130.

To be continued

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