Kafr el iPhone XS $ 57 thousand real – but why?

You may find many of the people that the price of 1,450 dollars, equivalent to 5,440 Sr, the ratio of 512 gigabytes of iPhone Xs Max is highly exaggerated, but in truth this figure represents 10% of the price of a copy telephone manufactured by the company Caviar Russian accessories luxury, with a price that women 15,340 dollars, equivalent to 57,525 real.

The phone comes Kafr rear holds 150 grams of pure gold in the category top, where the company allows several modifications and customisations again to copy the 512 gigabytes of iPhone Xs maxi, we find a copy on behalf of the Maximum Invincible at the price of $ 5,500, equivalent to 20,625 SAR exchange on the back of a metal of titanium reinforced with a thickness of 1 mm, which is more than able to stop a bullet in case of fire, as the company says.

We find the later version Maximum Ultralight at a price of 5,200 dollars, the equivalent of 19,500 SR, where to add the back rear of the carbon fiber, leading to relieve the weight of the iPhone Xs max amount of 8 grams.

Then there is a version of the Maximum Diamonds, which is second in the trap after the women’s gold back, and comes with a back carry more than 400 pieces of diamond is small, consisting of the word “Max”, and this version at the price of 9,890 USD, the equivalent of 37,100 SR.

Finally, we find a version of the Maximum Gold that comes at the price of 5,960 USD, equivalent to 22,350 Real, where he comes back with gold.

This the company says that it can be free shipping to anywhere in the world, where each application inside a wooden box plated with the interior lined in matte black, where will contain the fund’s certificates to prove the originality of the product, in addition to the warranty and USB cable and, it should be noted here that these amendments, in fact, cancel the guarantee of Apple.

Source: Caviar

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