KaiOS now running on 100 million devices, and you get new financing of $ 50 million

Nokia 8110 KaiOS

Over the past two years, the latest system KaiOS revolution in the market of traditional phones thanks to it coming with some features designed basically for smart phones. It’s already mobile operating system the second most popular in the world, it requires to reach one million users.

Pumped Google Inc. last year, 22 million USD of funding in the company that oversees the development of this system, and add apps Search, Maps, and digital assistant Google Account to the system. Now each of TCL and Google pump $ 50 million in the new company-the developer of the system KaiOS in order to enter new markets.

Experienced system KaiOS an impressive growth in the year 2018, thanks to the launch of a successful in Africa and strategic partnerships with companies such as Google and Facebook and Qualcomm. The researchers suggest that the traditional phones are going the right way to become a market worth USD 28 billion by the year 2022.

On that range, stated CEO KaiOS Technologies, Mr. Sebastien Codeville by saying : ” Our mission is to open new possibilities for individuals and institutions and the community by providing the possibility to connect via mobile phone to the billions of people who don’t have internet in emerging markets, in addition to providing an alternative for smartphones “.

Are phones like the Nokia 8110 4G is an example of what can be performed by a traditional phone system with KaiOS. Has been actually improving to provide the possibility to use it without touch but still provide a lot of functions with applications to HTML 5 and 4G and GPS and NFC. Through the support of Google, we can expect from the developers of the most popular applications up and expanding features of smart phones and traditional mobile.

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