Kano offers to learn to code with the help of a magic wand

The company Kano is known in the market for their DIY computer kits, which help to learn programming. This fall, she plans to release a new set of Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit, and is a great baby gift for $100.

Set Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit includes a magic wand, which must self-assemble a number of modules. Once the wand is ready, it should be connected via Bluetooth to PC, iOS or Android device, and you can begin to magic the coding.

In the application of the companion you are waiting for various tasks in the style of the Harry Potter universe. You will need to correctly place the blocks in the puzzle to “spell” worked.

And test their performance, you will be the magic wand that is equipped with a whole set of sensors. There is gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer to track the position of the wand in space, and determine its angle, speed and direction.

App Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit, and the kit is suitable for beginners and more advanced. Moreover, users can create their own spells and projects and share them with other wizards. Set Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit is already available for pre-order for $99.99. In sale it will arrive on 1 October.

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