Kaspersky: 47% of users are willing to give up social networking sites to maintain their privacy

Revealed a recent report, released by Kaspersky Kaspersky, and the title “the real value of the privacy Digital: do you sell the users themselves on the internet?“, the That 47% of users are willing to give up their accounts on social networks to ensure the preservation of the privacy of their life.

The report shows that concerns surrounding the protection of digital privacy has made users more concerned about the use of their personal information on the internet and spread. It also identifies the report, which built on a study conducted by the company, the ways and the reasons that make the users personal information is extremely valuable to them.

I’ve become a social media, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, an important part of everyday life for most internet users, according to Kaspersky’s report, the 88% of individuals in the Middle East and North Africa region are using these platforms, which offer, in exchange for some data about its users, and opportunities to express themselves and communicate with their friends and members of their families, as well as the Airport Group news, ideas and trends, wherever they are and at any time.

However, in spite of the various benefits to social networking channels to users, will remain mission ready to opt out of them if it helped in the restoration of his privacy. digital restoration of lasting forever.

On that users who submit their personal information, register to participate in the fun choices, such as “Which celebrity do you look like?” Or “what is your favorite meal?”, the And who the rate is 17%, they won’t be able to do it anymore. Might be problematic largest has 43% of users who won’t be able anymore to use the login details as their social networks in registering themselves quickly and easily on the different web sites or other internet services.

Perhaps most surprising, is that 24% of mobile phone users would be willing to talk about their phones completely to ensure the privacy of their data for the rest of their lives, so in the time where the number of users of mobile phones increased by two percent per year only.

The quality of the user experience today in social media channels heavily dependent on a large volume of personal user information that you get these channels. It may not be surprising that brings out a sense of nostalgia to the privacy of the data is lost forever, given the enormous amount of data and information provided by the user, which include financial information or other related to the site or shopping patterns or preferences, food or even social situation.

But even the solidarity presence on social media in full would not be sufficient to protect digital privacy; it is not a deal when you have the power to accomplish them, but rather work with the dimensions of the tangle.

Marina said top, the head of marketing for consumer products have Kaspersky, users started several years ago to provide their personal information to social networking services in exchange for various benefits, without even thinking about potential threats and the consequences of doing this, but she drew to that the rising incidents of leaking data all over the world: “we are seeing a new trend among the users”, she added: “Many people prefer not to disclose certain facts about themselves in public, and they began to for this July the nature of the information that they provide online more attention. However, the majority still don’t know how to protect their privacy in digital, but she’s ready to talk about its presence in social media to ensure the preservation of their information safe.”

Confirmed the top that the best way to maintain the security of personal information on social media channels is to update your passwords for accounts social media regularly, with the freedom to use security solutions in order to give users more confidence in the security of their data online.

Recommends Kaspersky users by following some simple steps in order to maintain the security of their privacy digital:

  • Regularly check privacy settings in social media and choose strong passwords for your personal accounts to it.
  • Avoid opening files that are not familiar or known and stored on the hardware, lost files are malicious.
  • Not to be dragged into dealing with suspicious people promises to grant valuable things in exchange for personal data, and avoid the problems of others a great deal of personal details.
  • Avoid using the same password for more than one site or one service.
  • The war on the use of the security solutions that reliable includes tools to help sponsor to reduce the risk of privacy violation, such as Kaspersky Security Cloud andKaspersky Secure Connection andKaspersky Password Manager.

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