Kaspersky add smart technology to the application of KIS on Android

The company said Kaspersky today, Thursday it’s added to the application by Kaspersky Internet Security for Android protection devices for the Android platform, a new feature to combat advanced cyber threats, are: Cloud ML for Android.

The company explained that the new feature – based machine learning technology – including the ability to proactive detection of advanced malware, even anonymous ones, to assess the risk of mobile devices-working for Android cyber attack. And can the solution, thanks to the new feature, discovery of the malicious applications that have been downloaded to the device, before being operated.

Referred Kaspersky that threats to mobile phones evolved rapidly over the last few years, even becoming a systems current protection is unable to keep up with the constantly changing threat. Pat cybercriminals are more creative in their continued development of malware for the security systems of identified and discovered. It may be difficult to update security solutions quickly enough to detect new forms of this software with the rapid spread of not.

In this framework, the event application Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, supplemented by a new technology called Cloud ML for Android, to be a step in the fight against unknown threats constantly evolving. This enables the technical solution to respond more quickly to threats is not known with maintaining the lowest level of false alarms.

She explained Kaspersky that when bleeding the user’s application on his portable, using the new algorithms based on learning machines of the cloud that is trained on millions of samples of malware. And the approach adopted thousands of transactions parameters in the application, which includes the required permissions or entry points, so in less than a second, to Christ on the spot an accurate judgment on the application. Even if it turns out that the app is a particular type or rate of malware that have never been seen before, you’ll learn technical Cloud ML for Android on its nature malicious based on the equations of the model are compatible with known threats.

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This new technique of algorithms, machine learning, next to benefit also from the Kaspersky Security Network: a cloud infrastructure advanced collection of Kaspersky, which addresses threats to the electronic board problem associated with the metadata of millions of participants and volunteers around the world.

He said (Timor peace) – the vice-president research threats have Kaspersky: the number of malware attacks targeting mobile devices in 2018 “has doubled”, according to research by Kaspersky newly, explaining that cyber criminals have devised ways to develop new malware distribution, added: “It is clear to us the importance to remain techniques anti-malware to keep the workings of this software and methodologies behind the development, so we made sure to be regular mobile Kaspersky Internet Security for Android always able to protect millions of users from advanced threats anonymous added component improves the accuracy and speed in spotting these threats, what makes the use of portable devices is better and safer”.

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